35 Festival Internacional de Música de Cantonigròs


 Entry Form                                                - From 13th to 16th July 2017 -

References of the Group for inscription:

NAME of the Choir or dance group: 
Desires to enter in the COMPETITION:  under the rules and conditions determined by the organizing committee.
Number of COMPETITORS in this competition:     Total  Male  Female 

TOTAL Number of competitors in all competitions for which you have entered:     Total  Male  Female 

CONDUCTOR or LEADER of the Choir or Group: 

The REQUIRED WORKS of owm choice are:
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Title:  Composer: 
Title:  Composer: 


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The group knows and accept the Registration conditions of 35 Festival de Música de Cantonigròs.

With the Entry Form, a brief history of the group must be sended like a recent DVD, CD, MP3 or MP4 (FIMC. c/Ràbida 5, E-08034 Barcelona) .

Relevant information about your Group/Choir: