Here you can see a variety of graphic illustrations Festival Internacional de Música de Cantonigròs.

Audiovisuals documents FIMC 2006

punt Trailer

punt Audiovisual production


1st Photo Contest FIMC 2009

2nd Photo Contest FIMC 2010

3rd Photo Contest FIMC 2011

4th Photo Contest FIMC 2012


FIMC 2012



Interview with director Josep Maria Busquets Festival - Program delivered on 17 July 2012



30 edition FIMC inauguration concert - Program delivered on 19 July 2012




5th Photo Contest FIMC 2013



FIMC 2013

Special program: First part of the opening concert of the 31st International Music Festival Cantonigròs. 18/07/2013




FIMC 2014


Els Matins: Starts the International Music Festival Cantonigròs. 17/07/2014


País Km 0 / Capítol 9. Vic: Interview with Joseph M. Busquets, director of the International Music Festival Cantonigròs. 17/07/2014

Special program: Inaugural Concert Festival Cantonigròs 2014. 17/07/2014



Photos FIMC several editions