35 Festival Internacional de Música de Cantonigròs


- From 13th to 16th July 2017 -


Registration conditions 

  • Groups interested in participating should fill in the Registration forms, choosing the competitions they wish to participate (please make a copy of the entry form for the other competitions). These forms should show the free choice and compulsory works required for each category of participation (choirs should take part in at least two competitions). 

  • The groups will receive the documents (bases and rules of the Festival) togheter with sheet music of the compulsori works.

  • The Festival's Artistic Committee will check all the applications and select the groups based on their performance amd originality, advising them at least 4 months before the Festival.

  • The selected groups, have to pay, a registration fee of 65€ in total for each adult participant and 52€ for each participant under 16 years old, in order to confirm their participation.
    Overseas competitors receive free hospitality, breakfast, lunch and dinner during their participation in the Festival. They may stay in private homes, residences or hostels in Vic and Cantonigròs and in the surrounding districts, and are welcomed just as if they were members of the family.

  • The people who will escort the group during the Festival have to pay 75€ per person and day in order to have the same lodgement conditions as the choir or dance group.

  • All Entry Forms should be submitted as soon as possible and not later than 31st January 2017.

  • The competitors should await notification of acceptance before making final personal arrangements.



Registrations for 35 International Music Festival at Cantonigròs can be done by internet, sending the Entry Form with all the details .In both case, it must be added a brief history of the group / choir, and must be sended, like a recent DVD, CD, MP3 or MP4. 

All competitors, except the choir conductors and accompanists, must be amateurs, i.e. people who do not earn their principal livelihood by music making. 

The Cantonigròs International Music Festival or their representatives reserve the right to organize radio and / or television transmissions as well as the registration of any filming or taping or image without having to pay any indemnity to the participants. 

Competitors having difficulty in securing copies of the necessary test pieces, should write to The Music Director, Festival Internacional de Música de Cantonigròs, València 435, 1r 1a, 08013 - BARCELONA (Spain).